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Winfrey Osimbo Lichuma

Mrs. Winfred Osimbo Lichuma, EBS

Mrs. Winfred Osimbo Lichuma is immediate past and first Chairperson of the National Gender and Equality Commission (NGEC) in Kenya (2012-22nd November 2017), a constitutional body charged with the responsibility of monitoring gender and inclusion in Kenya for the Special interest groups who include women, persons with disabilities, the marginalised and minorities, children, youth and older members of society. Her role also entailed giving advisories to government on integrating the principles of gender and equality in development including holding the government to account for noncompliance.  In this role Winfred has worked closely with the Parliament of Kenya. Before her exit she commissioned the Audit of Kenya Parliament on gender sensitivity in both process, composition and in legislative framework.

Winfred has been instrumental on accountability for the right to health in Kenya with bias to Sexual and Reproductive rights of women and girls and to this end she has led and documented two public inquiries. The first one is on Sexual and Reproductive health in Kenya-A myth or a reality available at  and the second is on Child Pregnancies in Kenya available at .

She sits in the following boards:

  • Equality Now –Africa
  • Independent Accountability Panel for Every Women Every Child, Every Adolescent-Global
  • KELIN-Kenya
  • HERAF-Kenya
  • Women Environment Programme-Nigeria


Winfred holds a master’s degree in international human rights law from the University of Essex (UK); a master’s in Gender and Development and a law degree from the University of Nairobi (Kenya). She is a lawyer with over 25 years of senior level country leadership in human rights and gender and inclusion and has expertise in integrating gender into development programming. She has led policy and legal research and dialogue on various topics including sexual and reproductive health and rights using human rights based approach in Kenya and at the regional level.  Previously, she has served as a magistrate in Kenya’s courts. Prior to her appointment as the Chairperson of the National Gender and Equality Commission (NGEC), she served as a commissioner with the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights and also as a legal adviser to the Kenya’s National Aids Control Council and contributed to drafting the HIV and Aids Prevention and Control law.

University of Nairobi, Kenya-2006

Masters of Arts in Gender and Development

University of Essex  – United Kingdom -2005

Masters of Laws (LLM) in International Human Rights Law. 

University of Lund, Sweden -2003

Post graduate Diploma in Advanced International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law

Kenya School of Law-1991

Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Studies/ Practice including Legislative drafting

Nairobi University, Kenya-1990

LLB (Bachelor of Law)

Mrs. Lichuma was appointed by the former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon as a Panel Member of Every Child Every Woman (ECEW) Independent Accountability Panel (IAP), to oversee implementation of the UN Global Strategy for Women, Children and Adolescents Health to help further the 2030 Sustainable Development Goal’s Agenda. She is the first African woman to sit on this panel. The global panel with 9 experts is an accountability body that seeks to look at the State of Women, Children and Adolescents Health and give a status report on progress made towards achieving the global strategy objectives. The Panel has released two reports to date available at

Key among the roles she has accomplished at the NGEC was the advocacy on the search for a framework to enhance political representation for women in the National Assembly and the Senate in implementation of the “not more than two third” equality principle provided for in the Kenya Constitution 2010. She has facilitated and given advisories to the President of Kenya and other public and private institutions including County Governments on the integration of the principles of equality and freedom from discrimination.  Under her watch the first report on the Status of Equality and non-discrimination in Kenya was documented and released.

She has also worked toward ending gender based violence in Kenya and led NGEC to launch a campaign dubbed “Keeping the Promise” which is an accountability call for National and County Governments in Kenya to implement the laws and policies to end gender based violence.

Mrs Lichuma has since 2016 to May 2018 co- facilitated global negotiations on Gender and Climate change during the United Nations Negotiations on Climate Change (UNFCCC) as the key gender negotiator for Kenya and has offered secretariat to the African Working Group on Gender and Climate Change at the regional level. She has also facilitated and made presentations in numerous meetings in Kenya, continentally, regionally and internationally for public and private organizations i.e. CSOs  including Ipas Africa Alliance of the right to safe legal abortion, AMREF International and KELIN in Kenya.

Honorary Awards

  • 2013 – 12th December -Honours of Award bestowed by His Excellency the President Hon Uhuru Kenyatta – Award of Orders, Decorations and Medals in recognition of distinguished and outstanding services rendered to the nation in my capacity as the chairperson of the national Gender and equality Commission for spearheading reforms and previous service at KNCHR , NACC and the Judiciary-Elder of the Award of the Order of the Burning Spear (EBS)
  • UNFPA Award 2013 – 28th November – in recognition of continued support to the Kenya Media Network on Population and Development (KEMEP)
  • KNCHR Award-2011 – In recognition for contribution towards the realization of human rights i Kenya.

Merit Awards

  • 2015 – Certificate of Participation in the 2015 Women on the Red excellence awards finalists workshop in Kenya
  • 2014 – Certificate of Completion for training on FKE/NHO’s Female Future Programme
  • 2012 – Certificate of participation in the Sensitization Workshop on Unsafe abortion and Maternal Mortality for Women Doctors from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania
  • 2012 – Certificate of participation for the FEMNET Board Members on Unsafe Abortion and its effects on Maternal Health
  • 2012 – Certificate of Participation in the Leadership and Integrity workshop of the Role of Women in Elections by EACC Kenya
  • 2011 – Attending the International Confederation of midwives in Durban South Africa
  • 2011 – Certificate of Participation in the Review of the Doctor’s Code of Professional Conduct and Discipline.
  • 2010 – Certificate for facilitation of Workshop for the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights on Abortion and Reducing Maternal Mortality in Africa- A human Rights Approach.
  • 2009 – Certificate of participation in training workshop on Transitional Justice
  • 2009 – Certificate of Participation on Debriefing and Basic Counselling Skills
  • 2008 – Certificate on Training of Trainers on Conflict Prevention- United Nations system Staff and Office of the High Commission on Human Rights
  • 2004 – Certificate of Competence in Training Programme in Health Promotion-Outreach Skills and organizing events –United Kingdom
  • 2002 – Certificate of Training –Public Service Integrity Programme
  • 2002 – Certificate on Use of Strategic management Tools to Support HIV/AIDS Policy Change
  • 1997 – Certificate of Participation in management Development Seminar for Women Manager in Public Service
  • 1987 – Certicate of Training in Pre University Training Programme


Trevor Lichuma

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Tracey Naomi Lichuma – Associate 

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